Rackfest, Inc.

RACKFEST, Inc. is the ONLY platform that allows celebrities and pro athletes to directly connect with their fans! Rackfest allows the celebrity to sell personalized autographs, apparel & video chats!

The Faith Motvated Foundation

Steelers linebacker Steven Johnson and his wife Stephanie had a very clear vision when they founded the Faith Motivated Foundation back in 2014. Since conception, the non-profit has been immersed within many communities around the nation. The vision is to encourage our youth and young adults to set goals, work hard to achieve them and to live a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly to lean on God during times of trouble or need.

The Raw Power Team

The Raw Power Team is a community based program reaching out to individuals of all ages through education, athletics, and spiritual guidance. TRPT trains athletes of all ages and abilities.

Dr. Roger at Pro Health Chiro

Pro Health Chiropractic works with professional, semi-professional and other serious athletes to ensure they perform at the highest levels possible.  Our years of experience delivering quality care has taught us to look at each patient as an individual. We are not a one-size fits all practice and offer highly personalized care.