10 Questions with UFC Veteran "The Immortal"

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

DENVER, CO — In 2004 at the young age of 23 years old, “The Immortal” Matt Brown began training for a career in fighting. Brown entered the UFC cage after competing in the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter television series. He won his UFC debut at “The Ultimate Finale 7,” where he defeated Matt Arroyo via second round TKO. This was the second time that Brown fought Arroyo, and the second time that he won by TKO.

“The Immortal” has come a very long way in his life, both personally and professionally and I recently had the opportunity to sit down and ask him a few questions regarding both.

Where did your nickname “The Immortal” come from? Was it your own idea?

"My nickname came from my tattoo on my stomach. I got it tattooed for many reasons one being that I overdosed on heroine when I was younger and had some other close brushes with death which led to my buddies at the time joking around about me being immortal. I took it and ran with it from there. I did not want the nickname originally but a promoter kept using it every time I fought and it stuck after that."

Many believe that the UFC is in its peak right now, being that you are a seasoned veteran; how long do you think UFC and MMA can sustain their success?

"UFC and MMA aren't going anywhere. I think people will always want to watch fights and if anything MMA will grow larger and larger."

Any thoughts on Conor McGregor calling out Floyd Mayweather?

"Smart move on Conor's part. Biggest payday of his life."

If there is a McGregor vs Mayweather fight, who would you put your money on?


You are a proud father and family man, will you support your children if they wish to pursue the same career as their father?

"Yes. I will support them in almost anything they choose to pursue."

Favorite hobbies outside of the cage?

"Hanging with family is always first. Playing guitar, riding motorcycles, and, recently, snowboarding."

What advice would you give to a young fighter trying to reach the professional level of MMA?

"Consistency is the cornerstone of success. Anyone can succeed in anything if they're consistent enough for long enough."

Do you have a favorite city to fight in?

"Las Vegas"

Who or what inspires you?

"I'm inspired by anyone who chases their dreams. I'm more inspired by those who chase their dreams against all odds."

What are your plans post fighting career?

"To coach fighters. Mainly focusing on the strength and conditioning side of training."

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