All That is Missing is Tiger...

Word has come out that Tiger Woods has been ailing from his recent back surgery to the point of not being able to drive a car or even sit upright in the passenger seat. [Golf Digest Report] It goes on to say that his reappearance on the PGA Tour has been markedly delayed. These reports have been refuted by his management company but there is usually some truth to the whispers. Love him or hate him, the PGA Tour can always use a healthy Tiger Woods roaming the fairways spurring on today’s talent.

(Talent that he helped build but that is a topic for another day.)

Take away all of Tiger Woods’ off course shenanigans and what are you left with? One of the most dominant and consistent players in the history of golf. You can argue that Jack Nicklaus or Bobby Jones was the greatest player that ever lived and you wouldn’t be wrong. Eras, especially in golf, cannot be compared. Too many outside factors would be involved to pinpoint that lone greatest player so let’s just agree that those three would be in the last group on Sunday.

One stat should bring into focus how dominant and consistent Tiger Woods has been in his career. Jordan Spieth missed the cut at Riviera which gives him 13 missed cuts for his career (79 events). Rory McIlroy, another of today’s Big 4, has missed 11 cuts in 101 events. Jason Day has missed 35 cuts in 174 event while Rickie Fowler has slammed his trunk on Friday, 35 times in 157 events. Tiger Woods in 313 career PGA Tour events has missed the cut 15 times . . . and 6 of those have happened in the last two seasons. You just weren’t getting Tiger’s courtesy car back until Sunday night.

I hope the reports are untrue and we get to see that Sunday red shirt and trademark fist pump sometime in the near future.

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