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The Houston Texans have brought back starting safety Quintin Demps for the 2016 NFL season, making this his 9th year in the league. Last season, Demps was an immense asset for the Texans defense with 61 tackles, 6 pass deflections, and one interception.

I recently sat down with Demps for an interview regarding both his personal and professional journey.

About Quintin Demps

Quintin grew up in San Antonio, Texas. He attended Theodore Roosevelt High School where he played football, basketball and ran track.

Demps went on to play football at UTEP where he earned first-team All-Conference USA honors as a senior in 2007. He was then drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round (117th overall) of the 2008 NFL Draft.

The Interview

Who was the biggest influence in your youth?

Quintin: My biggest influence as a kid was my mother. She gave birth to me at 14 years old, and with no help from my biological father she always did what she had to do to provide. Watching her struggle while working three jobs to make ends meet was great motivation for me. She was a disciplinarian too. I was on my way to being another statistic of the fatherless child raised by a teenage mother, but she keep the belt to my butt and made sure I was on the correct path. She was by far my biggest influence, without her there would be no “Quintin Demps.”

Did you participate in any other sports in High School?

Quintin: I played football, basketball, and ran track in High School.

What motivated you to become an NFL football player?

Quintin: Sports has always been an outlet for me. Being a professional athlete was a dream of mine since the age of 4. My mother always said, “I came out of the womb an athlete.” I loved all sports, especially basketball. I began to fall in love with football around the 10th grade when I broke the starting varsity lineup. Basketball was my first love but scoring touchdowns became much more exciting than scoring buckets.

Most influential moment(s) in your life?

Quintin: There have been so many influential moments in my life that I could write a book! One of the most influential times was when I had my first son, Sir Kyrin Demps, in 2005. Becoming a father was a turning point for me because life was no longer just about me. When life is no longer all about you it adds a different level of motivation to your work ethic and purpose.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Quintin: My biggest accomplishment is earning my college degree. Most would assume that making it to the NFL would be my answer. Making it to the NFL is no doubt a huge accomplishment, but I can’t run a 40 yard dash in 4.3 seconds forever. People or an injury can take the game of football away from me at any moment, but my college degree can never be taken away from me.

Who is the hardest player in the NFL to defend against?

Quintin: The hardest player in the NFL to defend changes every year. For a while it was Detroit Lions wide receiver, Calvin Johnson. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald for sure and most recently I would say New England Patriots tight end, Rob Gronk.

Is there one player you emulate your game after?

Quintin: I like to take a little bit from a lot of other safeties that I have played with. I try to play with Brian Dawkins passion, the consistency of Quinten Mikell and Glover Quinn. I try to take what I’ve learned from them and add it to my strengths.

Favorite vacation destination?

Quintin: I like to take vacations anywhere there is blue water and sunshine.

Who is your Hero?

Quintin: My Mother is my Hero.

What is your favorite saying?

Quintin: My motto is ……….walkon

See Ive come to realize that life is life, and it just happens. Some things you can control but lets be real there are a ton of things that as humans we just cannot control. I feel that no matter what life may bring (the good, the bad, the ugly or the beautiful) if you are blessed with another day, with another opportunity at life, that should be all the motivation to keep on keeping on. See sometime’s all I can see is an abyss while on this journey (called life) and somehow someway with each step that I take, something is placed under my feet to keep me from falling way down in the abyss. So no matter what happens to me each day, if I able to wake up in the morning and live another day, I just put one foot in front of the other and …… walkon.

Do you have any passions outside of football and what are they?

Quintin: I am very passionate about telling my story, in hopes to make a difference. I want to give hope, inspire and motivate all of humanity to never give up..to have the will to dominate this life. Through speaking, writing and sharing with others I want to use my journey to give hope.

What are your plans after your football career?

Quintin: After football I plan to be a community activist. I plan to find several ways to motivate and inspire all humanity.

What would be your ultimate achievement?

Quintin: The ultimate achievement for me would be to hear people say, “Quintin Demps has inspired me and/or helped me in some capacity throughout my journey.”


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