The Power of Authenticity

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Every successful business is based on relationships and the best relationships are built on trust. Attempting to put on a front or appear to be something you’re not is an easy way to lose trust. Superficial tactics create insincere relationships, which are unsustainable, on both a personal and professional level. Today’s most successful individuals, influencers and businesses focus on being their true selves and want to build relationships with other authentic, honest individuals. The same holds true for the companies with which they prefer to do business.

In the marketing world where we are constantly “connected” and the number of digital platforms designed to enhance brand identity grows, authenticity is more valuable than ever.

Building these authentic relationships should come easy, but not without personal insight. If you want to develop an authentic marketing strategy you have to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

What is authentic marketing?

The word “authenticity” comes from the Greek word authentikos, meaning “original, genuine, principal”. Authentic marketing will always begin from within, not with tactics or strategies focused solely on making a profit. What set of values do we (as an organization) embrace? What do you or your company want to be known for? Other than the commodity that your organization delivers, how are you delivering those values?

Maintaining authentic relationships will differentiate a company from competition while positioning them for growth and long-term success. Building an authentic relationship must not feel contrived; it is about genuine self-expression driven by self-awareness. Knowing who you are and who your audiences are will create more meaningful experiences that change the way people think, feel and behave.

Create innovative marketing messages that ground people in physical experiences rather than using traditional tactics. In an era of transparency, consumers build stronger connections to brands that integrate their core values with advertising and marketing campaigns. Center marketing decisions around people, and measuring success based on ROE (Return on Experience) rather than ROI is key to long term success.

Know the difference between excellence and perfection. Authenticity does not come from title, social status, or the size of one’s paycheck. We live in a diverse and imperfect world. Authentic leaders commit themselves to excellence, not perfection in everything they do. The values and practices you instill in employees will be passed along to the customer. Messages that you send in marketing, advertising and through digital channels should be in line with the messages delivered to customers through employee interaction. Remember, your internal language can quickly become your external identity.

Developing your identity based on true core values and staying true to these values is the foundation of authenticity. Take the time to know your audience as people. Understand your customers needs and challenges before developing a marketing strategy. Authentic relationships will result in meaningful long-term associations, a good reputation and customer loyalty.

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