Under-Utilized Facebook Tools That Are Available For Celebrity Fan Pages

Professional athletes have the ability to maximize their “off-field” exposure in several ways. One of the easiest and most popular platforms to do so is through digital marketing and social media. All too often I come across many Facebook Fan Pages that are being under utilized. If you have or plan on using a fan page it is imperative (at the very least) to understand the fundamental resources that Facebook provides. Below are a few of their tools that should be implemented into your celebrity fan page.

Event Calendar: Whether you’re an NFL player or a professional wrestler, you always have upcoming events. Your fans should never have to do a GOOGLE search to find out when you are scheduled to compete or when your next game is. Using the Facebook event calendar will add an additional feature to your fan page that can significantly increase fan engagement. The event calendar can direct fans to purchase tickets for your game and it also allows Facebook users the ability to directly share on their feed that they are attending. During the off-season, you can use this asset to promote public appearances or other events.

Facebook Videos: Fans want to interact with you as much as possible. Give them engaging media which includes video highlights or recorded messages. Content enriched media increases the chance that users will click that fan page LIKE button! Make sure to be relevant with all of your posts and use hashtags! #Hashtags can significantly increase your reach when used properly. Your fans what to see your personality.

Facebook Buttons: Fan Pages have a Button tab that can be of significant use in multiple ways. By adding a URL to the button tab, you are creating a direct link for followers to reach exactly what it is that you want them to see. Buttons can be used to direct fans to your personal website or to a SHOP section if you sell branded merchandise or apparel. If you are looking for extra revenue streams you can add your managers email address to the button which can be clicked through for inquiries or booking requests.

Links to Other Sites: Fan Pages should ALWAYS link to other digital platforms and websites. Make sure that your page has links to a personal website, team site, as well as any other social media handles that you frequently use. You can add many of these links in the Basic Info tab of your fan page. Also, make sure to use the Facebook Fan Page platform to engage with your fans by asking them to view and follow you on other social media channels. Keep in mind that when the same exact content is repeated across multiple social channels your fans will lose interest, resulting in less follows per platform.

Sponsors: Sponsors and brands who endorse you play an integral role in your career and you should use your fan page as a means to promote your sponsors. At the very least, make sure to LIKE your sponsors respective Facebook pages and incorporate their logos with your fan page. Take it a step further by sharing sponsored content, branding, messaging to your feed and NEVER forget to tag (@MySponsor) in any of these Facebook posts.

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